21 August 2014

Women's Health POP-UP Studio Fitness Series

l never was a gym person. But when an invite from Women's Health through Queenie of Takbo.ph came to try another fitness craze, without hesitating, my answer was a big YES.  l thought it was timely since my training then included core strengthening and l think crossfit was a good workout. So last August 13, l was one of the lucky participants to experience it.  The Crossfit Mad Minute workouts include a short yet intense moves to shed off extra pounds. 

The workout is timed, up to eight minutes. We were grouped by four where each had to do and execute properly the moves--from running a 100-meter distance, push ups, squats, and ball slamming. 

Each had to count and the total number of times we did each workout would be the total workouts done by our group.  We did about 389.  Not bad for newbies like us.

To know more on how to have fun and get fit with this year's Women's Health Pop-up Studio, you may like their WH Facebook page at www.facebook.com/Women's HealthPhilippines or follow them on Twitter and Instagram @womenshealthph.

Super thanks to Summit Media for letting us experience and learn crossfit.

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